Online PT - Vs - Gym PT

As a personal trainer I have a passion for anything that will get people up and moving. I was born in England and grew up on the outskirts of London, a big old city. A big old grey city with about four months of sun each year, if you’re lucky, a vast contrast to my life now in Los Angeles with about eleven months of sun each year! So I know first-hand the extra commitment needed to get out of your house in those cold months. Here in sunny LA this extra commitment is not really an issue for my clients, however I have found that many people living in Los Angeles travel a lot for work. This brings me nicely to the perfect solution for both cold weather training obstacles AND travel training obstacles. Online Personal Training! GymGo

Let me start by telling you how an online personal training platform works before talking about my initial reservations. It’s simple really, you the client log on and me, the trainer will appear on your screen ready to give you a personal training session. Told you it was simple!

I loved the concept from the get-go. When first approached me I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. It was the answer to how my clients could keep up their personal training programs while traveling the world and my clients in England have found it’s a good way to workout with me at home in the warm.

My only initial reservations were gym equipment and client commitment. Here in Marina del Ray, Los Angeles, I have my own private studio with all the equipment you need. So you could say I’ve been spoiled for choice. I was used to designing ever changing programs with new ways to use equipment so that my private clients wouldn’t get bored. But I was overlooking the key ingredients needed for anyone to succeed in my private gym or my online gym. What I hear you say? Client commitment and me! If your committed to losing weight, gaining muscle mass or whatever your goals are, all you need is that initial commitment and my bubbly personality. Online personal training & Gym personal training both have the two key ingredients for success, YOU and ME, or you and whichever trainer you like, I’m just being egotistical because its my blog, so I can! It’s the human element that drives us, that personal interaction that you can’t get from a DVD or download.

My first 1-2-1 online personal training client still trains with me twice a week. In the beginning she started with one set of 8lb dumbbells which was perfect for a beginner. Her strength started to increase and so did our client trainer relationship. She found that her 8lb became easier lift and seeing the benefit of our sessions she took my advice, and purchased a set of 10lb dumbbells. Today she has weights 5lb through 15lb and we have great fun using them all.

My first Legs & Booty Hiit class started with one person and fluctuates with members from week to week. However, I have one steadfast Tuesday girl who has been with me from the beginning. She started with just body weight, and now has a full set of resistance bands to gain her goal of “Summer Beach Booty Ready”. I love my Tuesday Hiit class, and as I say to my attendees, “Have you seen my Booty? If I can get it, you can get it!”

See, all you need is one set of 8lb dumbbells to get started in a weight lifting session or just you in my Legs & Booty class, and the desire to do it. Let me worry about keeping you motivated! It’s that simple. Just turn up….

For me, seeing my online client’s progression has been just as rewarding as any of my private gym clients and equally as fun. I am very proud to tell people that I am one of the select ambassadors for an awesome platform called

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